Sun Line (Line of Success/Apollo)

Location and Meaning

The Sun Line or Apollo Line is one of the important lines in palm reading. It's so named because it originates from the Mount of Moon (located on the base of the palm, little finger side) and descends upward to the Mount of Sun (located below the ring finger which is also called the Apollo finger). If it’s short, it starts high.    
The sun line mainly shows the capability, talent and popularity which may lead to success. So, it's also called the Line of Success. Generally speaking, a long sun line is better than a short one and people with a sun line are better than those without it. Also, it’s regarded as a sister line to the Fate Line as it could boost the fate line. If you have a positive fate line but a poor sun line, you may find that no matter how hard you try, you are difficult to get recognition and success. On the contrary, although your fate line is not satisfactory but if you possess a strong sun line, you are still lucky to get help and gain recognition thus achieve success. 

Absence, Too Short, Clear, Narrow

● If you find your sun line is very short or absent, it indicates that you enjoy an ordinary life without name or fame during the whole life. If it’s absent, you are difficult to get success no matter how hard you try. If it’s too short, it shows you couldn’t enjoy the joys until the old age. In general, people working in enterprises and institutions usually have this kind of short line.
● A clear sun line indicates a good taste for art or literature.
● A narrow line shows a frustrated life and a hard marriage. The career in the youth and middle age is usually common without any big achievement. Till the old age, you could become outstanding. 


Fig 2

Fig 1
Starting from the Palm Base and Going Straight to the Top
A sun line starting from the base of the palm and goes straight to the Mount of Moon (located below the ring finger) is thought to be auspicious. It indicates a good luck in wealth and marriage.  (Fig 1)

Starting from the Palm Base and Ending at the Center of the Hand
It shows a great success in the young age and a decline from the middle age. This may be caused by your satisfaction with your present status thus stop making great effort in life from the middle age.  (Fig 2)

Fig 4

Fig 3
Stopped by Head Line
If your sun line starts from the base of the palm and ends at the head line shows a good luck at your young age. You usually are smart and easy to gain success before your 35s. (Fig 3)

Starting from the Head Line
If your sun line starting from the head line and extends to the Mount of Moon, it indicates a quick mind and success with the assistance of the social relationship. You usually are good at social skills and smart enough to make great achievement. In addition, if your little finger is long and head line is strong, you could get success more easily. (Fig 4)

Fig 6

Fig 5
Starting from the Center of the Hand
If your sun line starts from the center of the hand, you are usually a late bloomer. Your life in early years is usually very hard. With your constant effort, you begin to get fame and success from the middle age. (Fig 5)
Starting from the Heart Line
If your sun line starts from the heart line and ends at the base of ring finger, it indicates you have a strong interest in art. Also, it shows that you could enjoy a good luck, and gain both fame and wealth from your 40s. (Fig 6)

Fig 8

Fig 7
Starting from Mount of Venus
The sun line begins from the Mount of Venus (the portion of the palm surrounded by the life line at the base of the thumb) and extends to the base of the ring finger usually could gain both wealth and fame with the help of family. (Fig 7)

Starting from the Upper Mars
Sun line starting from the Mount of Upper Mars (located between the head line and heart line, under the little finger) and ending at the base of the ring finger indicates a successful career based on the down-earth manner. You usually are diligent and have a super endurance and a great restraint. Ever in the flashy show biz, you are well-regulated. In all, you could achieve success depending on your skills and effort. (Fig 8)

Fig 10

Fig 9
Starting from Fate Line
If you sun line starts from the fate line and extends to the top, it indicates an outstanding achievement and respect from others due to your great effort and hard working. (Fig 9)

Starting from Life Line
If your sun line starts from the life line, it indicates you are extraordinary talent and could get an important academic position during your life. You are usually a talented writer. Even if you engage in manual work, you could be elevated to a high position with your constant struggle.  (Fig 10)

Fig 11

Starting from the Mount of Moon
If the line begins from the Mount of Moon (located on the base of the palm, little finger side) and extends to the top, it shows that you are popular and could get success with the help and support from others. This kind of line can mostly be found from musicians, writers and entertainers. (Fig 11)

Broken, Intermittent, Wavy

Broken: It shows great frustrations during your career for a broken sun line; (Fig 12)
If the sun line has a break and resumes its course parallel to the break, it means you could gain recognition and success again after the past experiences. (Fig 13)

Intermittent: An intermittent sun line indicates you are inclined to be interrupted by some base persons during the whole life. Because of this, you are hard to have big leaps in career at the same time couldn’t enjoy a happy life. (Fig 14)

Wavy: A wavy sun line shows you lack of confidence and are not dare to face challenges in life. Therefore, there are many ups and downs in your career. Also, you are hard to get success. (Fig 15)

Fig 12

Fig 13

Fig 14

Fig 15

Doubled or Multiple

Doubled Sun Lines: If you have two sun lines, it shows you are versatile and could gain recognition from others. You usually have other skills or talents besides your main business. For example, you can be famous for literary grace and warlike exploits.

Multiple Sun Lines: Once you own three, four or multiple sun lines, it shows you don’t do well financially. Although you have income, but compared to your spendings, your earnings are too few. You are not good at calculating profits and losses. If you could learn to manage your money and grasp some tips about how to save money, you could solve your financial problem.

Sun Line Parallel to Fate Line

If your sun line and fate line which are both deep and long go parallel with each other, it’s a very good sign. Few people have such lines. If you have this kind of lines, it means you could gain huge success and enjoy a good reputation in your life.


Fig 18

Fig 17

Fig 16
● Branches upward of the sun line are regarded good. It indicates the coming of luck to you. You may be appreciated by others and gain fame suddenly because of your special skills. If the branch goes to the base of the little finger, it shows your fortune in wealth begins to turn to be better. (Fig 16)
● Downward branches of the sun line indicates you are full of dreams but inclined to be unrealistic in search of fame and fortune. Because of this, you efforts are to no avail. (Fig 17)
● A branch extending to the base of the forefinger indicates a great fame from the middle age based on your hard working. (Fig 18)


Fig 20

Fig 19

● If there are islands on your sun line, it indicates troubles in reputation and losses in wealth. You are inclined to be impatient when find it’s hard to achieve success. (Fig 19)
● If an island appears on the intersection point of the sun line and heart line, it indicates you may lose your high position in society because you are lust crazed for women. (Fig 20)

Horizontal Lines, Cross, Star, Square

Horizontal Short Lines: If you find there are horizontal short lines cutting the sun line, it’s a bad omen. It indicates you are framed by others, suffer great losses of money or a failure of business that closes down or goes bankrupt. (Fig 21)
Cross: Crosses on the sun line indicate losses of the fame, position and wealth. (Fig 22)
Star: Stars on the sun line are auspicious to you. It shows you could gain fame from the age where the star appears stands for. (Fig 23)
Square or Rectangle: If there is a square or rectangle on your sun line, it’s considered to be lucky. It stands for a great wealth and free from defamation. (Fig 24)

Fig 21

Fig 22

Fig 23

Fig 24

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