Forehead Face Reading

Forehead Meanings

Forehead represents one's luck in youth (from the age 15 to 30), as well as one's father, mother, husband, luck, career prospect, thinking, analytic ability and so on. Not only that, the forehead also indicates one's life opportunities which vary with the forehead types.

The forehead indicates auspiciousness: full and mellow; without messy lines, bad moles or scars; no concave or drooping hairline; neither narrow nor overly protruding; not dark or gloomy.

The Divisions of Forehead

Forehead in face reading is divided into three sections. Here are meanings of each section.

Upper Section: a symbol of analytical capability. Men usually have higher forehead than women, so they tend to be more analytical than women. This part also represents the predestined relationship with father and the career development.

Middle Section: a symbol of memory. The middle forehead of men is generally not as full as women, so women usually have better memory than men.

Lower Section (brow ridge): a symbol of observation ability. The brow ridge for men is usually protruding than women, so they are generally more observant than women, but there are exceptions. It also represents one's vanity and compassion.

Broad vs Narrow Forehead

People with narrow forehead tend to be meek and reserved. They are pure-hearted, work seriously and earnestly but have neither keen mind nor great perseverance, and often give up because of minor setbacks. They are friendly, sociable and easy to get along with. The narrower the forehead is, the more childish the one will be. Once they lose temper, they will be regardless of the occasion and impervious to reason and tend to be swayed by their emotions. In social life, they don't like to seek to prevail over others but pay more attention to the peaceful and quiet life; though they won't have overachievements, they usually live and work in peace and contentment. In love, they are generally not tough but treat the love sincerely; once they start a relationship, they will love the other to the old age, thus enjoy the happy family life.

In face reading, the broad forehead is regarded as a symbol of generosity. People with broad forehead are broad-minded, clever, quick-witted and intelligent, have good relations with others and reach to the top. While getting along with others, they won't haggle over every ounce but sometimes turn deaf to others' advice and are not practical in work. When it comes to love, they are generally unfaithful. If you want to find a backer beneficial to your future development, you'd better find from those with broad forehead as they are tolerant and capable.

Curved Forehead (Prominent, Round and Full Forehead)

This kind of forehead looks obviously protrudes from front and side, higher and fuller than the average. People with curved out forehead are quick-witted, act quickly, think thoroughly, and do things well. This type of forehead is not bad, but for women, it will bring mental stress to men and affect the progress of marriage and relationship. Therefore, a woman with round and full forehead shall choose the one who is tolerant.

Slopped Forehead (Forehead Slopes Back)

Forehead represents one's fortune in early years. People with slopped forehead generally lead a hard life in early years and accomplish nothing though seemingly always on the run. The main reason lies in that their mind is slightly lower than the average and they lack of courage and vigor. For women, the slopped forehead indicates no care from parents or relatives, toiling for a living very early, and twists and turns in love. If other parts on the face are regular, the peaceful and happy rest of life can be expected; if other parts are also slopped, the hard life will last long.

Different Hairline Types

The shape of forehead reveals one's thinking ability, wisdom and personality. The most commonly seen forehead hairline types include the high and broad, low and narrow, straight and square, round, M-shaped, Widow’s Peak and uneven ones. Click Hairline Types to learn what your hairline reveals.

Lines on Forehead

In Chinese face reading, the type, position and number of forehead lines indicate one's luck and career. People with no forehead wrinkles are pure minded, lucky and helped by others frequently. Too many forehead wrinkles suggest the frustrated and hard life, and no gains from pains. The clear and fine forehead lines less than three are the best. Those who have forehead lines before the age of 35 know what's what early. For women, the forehead lines appearing in early age suggest the unfavorable marriage while for men, the lines indicate starting career early. The forehead lines appearing after the age of 35 is better for women and 40 for men. Learn more about Lines on Forehead

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