How to Use Feng Shui in Bathrooms/Toilets?

Feng Shui Bathroom/Toilets Tips You Should Apply

As a place storing dirt and taking filth, the bathroom always has a filthy image no matter in the house or in terms of Feng Shui. Therefore, the bathroom Feng Shui is very important and the bad bathroom Feng Shui will affect your career, wealth, health and emotion. Now, let’s take a look at the taboos for Feng Shui bathrooms.

A house shall have as fewer bathrooms as possible.

Bathroom and Other Room's Door
The bathroom shall not be seen as soon as entering the house. The bathroom door shall not face the entrance door directly, which is unsightly and contrary to the Feng Shui theory. According to the Feng Shui theory, this kind of layout will lead to many diseases and it is the main reason of poor family luck. The solution is placing a screen between the entrance door and the bathroom.

The bathroom door shall not face the kitchen door directly, or the mephitis in the bathroom will scatter to the kitchen, which will affect the housewife health and lead to stomach diseases to people inside. The solution is hanging a curtain on the door or placing green plants between them.

The bathroom shall not face the dining room directly, or it will affect the family harmony and make the family members in bad health.

The bathroom door shall not face the bedroom directly, or it will be harmful to the health of you living in the bedroom, especially you women. The solution is blocking with the green plants. Also, the bathroom door shall not face the bed directly or your head when sleeping.

The bathroom shall not be located in the center of the house because the mephitis will scatter to the whole house, leading to many diseases, such as cardiovascular and abdominal disease. Solutions: (1) hanging a curtain on the bathroom door and hanging a string of five-emperor, six-emperor or ten-emperor coins against the evil spirit; (2) putting a cup of coarse salt without cover or air purification items in the bathroom.

The bathroom shall not be too close to the entrance door, or it will easily make you suffer unexpected personal financial losses or make your family members quarrel frequently. For example, if the bathroom is at the immediate left or right side of the entrance door, it will easily block the God of Wealth who will leave as soon as he smells the filth. It is suggested to put the green plants or hang a curtain to block.

If the bathroom has no window, it shall not be located at the end of the interior corridor because the mephitis and moisture scattering from the bathroom will be harmful to your health. In this situation, the bathroom shall be located at one side of the corridor.

The bedroom should avoid having a bathroom; if it cannot be avoided, the bathroom shall be well ventilated.

The partition wall between the bathroom and other rooms shall not be in glass, or it may easily lead to marriage crisis.

The bathroom shall not be transformed to a bedroom or dining room.

The bathroom door shall not face the altar or Buddha picture or statue in your house.

Inside the Bathroom
In the bathroom, the toilet seat, bathtub and other utensils shall be in concealed location.

The toilet seat and the mirror shall not face the bathroom door directly.
→ Mirror Facing Bathroom Door Feng Shui Solutions

The toilet seat and the mirror shall not face each other directly. The toilet seat is a place of discharge filth and you don't need to look in the mirror when using it. As long as the mirror cannot be seen from the toilet seat and the toilet seat cannot be seen while you looking into the mirror, it is the reasonable layout.

The bathroom shall have a window which is normally open to ventilate and avoid being too dark, thus the mephitis and moisture can be emitted out to keep the dry and fresh air inside. If the bathroom has no window, you can put green plants or an incense burner inside to solve the problem.

The bathroom shall not be moist. In terms of Feng Shui, the bathroom shall be clean and dry; the floor shall not have water and the toilet seat shall be cleaned regularly. In this way, the bathroom will not have too much moisture and the evil spirit will be swept out, bringing good luck to the family.

Bathroom Decoration Color
The dark color shall be avoided in the bathroom decoration since the bathroom is a place full of Yin and lacking of Yang. Therefore, the bathroom wall shall not use the tiles in grey, black and blue but the tiles in red, orange or yellow.

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